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Transcript Services for Tertiary Institutions and Students from ETX-NG

ETX-NG or Electronic Transcripts in Nigeria and Transcripts Nigeria offers Transcript Services for Tertiary Institutions; Transcript Services for Students and Alumni; and Certificate Verifications for Corporate Bodies. The Electronic Transcript Exchange allows universities, polytechnic and other educational institutions exchange electronic transcripts with other participating tertiary agencies and institutes via ETX secure network. The Transcript Ordering system allows students and alumni to obtain their transcripts from any of the educational institution in Nigeria. These transcripts are delivered worldwide in the form of electronic PDFs along with digital signature and rights management options for document integrity. While offering Transcript Services for students, ETX-NG follows international data security standards to protect students' privacy rights in their educational records.

Founder, Adam Paul Green, of G3 Development "Social Media" Powerhouse Congratulates Local Branch for Being Elected Most Creative Keyword Targeting in December 2014

LogoColorado Springs, Colorado Founder, Adam Paul Green, of G3 Development "Social Media" Powerhouse Congratulates Local Branch for being Elected Most Creative Keyword Targeting in December 2014

E-Tech Debuts Seamless Sage BusinessWorks to QuickBooks Migration Service

Sage BusinessWorks' users will soon face the products end-of-life and will need to migrate to a different accounting solution – E-Tech provides a solid solution. Offers Multi-Currency Quickbooks Data to Quickbooks Online

Member of E-Tech of Canada, announces multi-currency removal services converting Quickbooks data files with multiple currencies into one. Publishes New Guide to the Best Places to Purchase Phytoceramides

Phytoceramides are a chemical derived from the sweet potato plant. This chemical has been found to stimulate the production of collagen, which tightens the skin and increases elasticity, effectively reversing the visible signs of aging and increasing the skin's health and vitality. Despite these miraculous qualities, the supplement is still largely unknown. is an online resource center dedicated to spreading the word about Phytoceramides, and Editor Sarah's homepage has just published a new buying guide to help people get the best deals on best quality products throughout the internet.

Online Art Gallery Presents an Eclectic Assortment of Talented Artists

An online Art Gallery has announced they are offering a 10% discount on all pieces during the month of April. The Churchward Gallery presents the outstanding pieces of an array of new talented artists that cover the best contemporary and urban art. Among the upcoming stars are Alain Magallon, Otto Schade, Azure, Emo Rapheil Astoria, Gemma Hadley, Jane Bristowe and more.

Walk-in Shower Website Provides Consumers with Information on Luxury Bathing Suites

James Wilson announced that he's launched Walk-In Shower to assist individuals who want to install one of the modern additions in their home. Wilson provides readers with information about the different types of walk-in showers, do-it-yourself kits and the elements needed for homeowners to design and create their own.

Write Right Hires New Expert Writers to Broaden Their Range of Ghost Writing Specialties

Academia is a two-tiered system of learning and assessment, and at times the two sides could not be more divorced from one another. Individuals are left to themselves to research and comprehend detailed, complex issues and concepts and create solutions. Then, they are asked to write reports communicating how they found their solution. For many, this latter portion is almost help students bridge the gap between their knowledge and their communication, and has just hired more new writers to ensure they can achieve miracles across any discipline.

CEO, Adam Paul Green, of G3 Development "Social Media" Institution Congratulates Local Team for Being Recognized Top Image Results in December 2014

LogoHere are the results from the G3 Monthly Award Winner: The Omaha, Nebraska CEO, Adam Paul Green, of G3 Development "Social Media" Institution Congratulates Local Team for being Recognized Top Image Results in December 2014

President, Adam Paul Green, of G3 Development "Social Media" Conglomerate Congratulates Local Branch for Being Bestowed Best Blog Writers in December 2014

LogoHere are the results from the G3 Monthly Award Winner: The Virginia Beach, Virginia President, Adam Paul Green, of G3 Development "Social Media" Conglomerate Congratulates Local Branch for being Bestowed Best Blog Writers in December 2014

4OVER4.COM Expands Event Line with Fabric Banners

LogoJust in time for spring and seasonal events, 4OVER4.COM, custom printing expert and event-planner favorite, launches versatile fabric banners, expanding the growing line of promotional items for trade shows, product launches, parties and more. Freelancers and business owners with discriminating tastes can now rely on the printing firm's premium fabric banners, available in multiple sizes, for personal and business affairs.

World Landforms, a Leading Educational Portal, Provides Information About Different Types of Volcanoes

The evolution of the Earth and its geographical features is a fascinating topic. At World landforms, a leading educational portal, they provide information about different types of volcanoes which are quite informative for students and other people interested in this area. As planet earth evolved, a number of landforms came into existence, some of them being rivers, mountains, valleys, lakes, cliffs, deserts and volcano. Out of these various geographical features, volcanoes are the most interesting ones. They are molten lava that erupts by rupturing the crust allowing various gases, hot magma and volcanic ashes to escape from within.

New Home Remedy for Varicose Veins eBook and Hardcopy Program

Garden of Health Publishing has just released their new program which are home remedies for varicose veins that anyone can do in the comfort of their home. The program is called, "The All Natural Varicose & Spider Vein Solution" which is the most complete home remedy for varicose veins program on the market.

Business Savvy Notaries Find New Way to Market Their Services on the Cheap

You can have your Yellow Page ads, Google Adwords, and countless Internet directory listings. For most notaries they're a lot of work to set up and maintain and just too expensive.

Emmanuel Fleurantin: Rated Among the Best Recommended Web Professionals in Miami, FL

LogoEmmanuel Fleurantin has emerged as one of the best web designers in Miami, Florida. According to the reports, his company, ETF Design LLC, has been one of the most acclaimed web design and web development services business in Florida for some time now. One of their customers, Katherine, a mainframe programmer by profession said, "Emmanuel is very innovative and forward thinking in his designs. He is adept at gathering and processing data from a broad range of sources. Emmanuel is a true professional, in every sense of the word, and I'd be honored to work with him again."

Making Extra Money from Home Is Now Easy with This Duplicatable Business

Those who are looking for ways to make extra money from home have some great news. is offering a networking business known as Xtreme Lifestyles Network in which teamwork plays a very important role. Once people who keep wondering how to make money join the system, they can easily achieve the success they are aiming for because the success in this business is duplicatable.

Newly Launched Blog Site Offers Advice for Women Battling Infertility is a blog that has been recently launched for the sole purpose of helping couples with infertility issues and parenting issues. The website has shared much information to help women who are fighting infertility; this information lays emphasis on the different natural ways of dealing with infertility issues which most people agree is the best way to tackle infertility.

Established Bitcoin Media Platform Receives Significant VC Investment and Announces Inside Bitcoins Partnership

Trusted Bitcoin news and tech review source is pleased to announce a significant investment to expand its operations, and a new partnership with the leader in the Bitcoin conference industry; Inside Bitcoins.

YouTube Launches the Latest Videos on Madbid Review by Different Researchers for the Penny Auction Site

YouTube has launched the long awaited information on how Madbid works in their video platform. The viewers can watch the videos illustrated about the Madbid Company. There are all kinds of reviews about the company and by watching the videos on YouTube the viewers can get to learn about the service provided by them. Madbid is an all access European based penny auction site. Founded in 2008 it has grown into one of the biggest names in bidding sites. The users register themselves on the site and buys credits. The credits are further used for bidding in auctions. The biddings are made on different products and In order to make the instruction simpler and easier to understand, Madbid videos are posted on YouTube. There are different types of videos on Madbid reviews, how Madbid works, and Madbid scam. Inc. Is a Winner of the 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

LogoThe start-up company Inc. announced today it has been selected a Winner of the Red Herring's Top 100 Europe award, The Red Herring Top 100 Europe Special Awards Ceremony took place in Amsterdam on 15th April 2015. There Red Herring announced the European winners of this year.

Sydney SEO Consultant Turns Advertising Website Into Real Deal

LogoBuy Real Visits was previously built with the intention to drive traffic to websites, that's what the information said when they mentioned "We have a supplier who fulfils all the orders from the site, all you need to do is pass the orders to the supplier". Once Nick dissected the business plan that came with the website, it came to his attention that the original owner was selling fake traffic via a panel, which explains the supplier. Due to the nature of the visits, Nick decided to take the website into a completely different direction, making use of his skills in Advertising.

World Landforms, a Well Known Online Informative Portal, Provides Composite Volcano Information

The evolution of the earth and the various geographical features that can be seen hold a large amount of history and activities associated with it. With the movement of tectonic activities and changes in the atmosphere, a number of landforms have come into existence such as continents, oceans, deserts, mountains, canyons, cliffs, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, islands, plains, swamps, forests, volcanoes and much more. Out of the other landforms, volcanoes are one of the most prominent geographical features. World landforms, a well-known online informative portal, provides composite volcano information i.e. details about their eruption along with information about other kinds of volcanoes. May Be the New Go to Destination for Job Seekers in Kolkata

Getting a job is easy now as the economy is opening up and creating opportunities for youths. At the same time the process of finding the right company to join can be tedious and time consuming. Big online job portals are offering job opportunities yes, but being national in context these brands fail to find the ample opportunities of jobs available in regional metro cities. It is where regional job portals like promises to bridge the gap between regional manpower demand and supply.

Top Company Named on Medical Alert Systems

LogoThe Medical Alert Systems category on (TBC) has recently named Medical Guardian as the number one ranked company in the industry. This has come after a complete overhaul of the ranking criteria. Updates Third Vertical This Year (BDC) updated the criteria and scoring for its debt consolidation companies. This criteria overhaul is the third one completed this year.