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Kneeling Chair HQ Launches Facebook Page to Promote Reviews Through Social Media

Kneeling chairs offer a unique way of sitting that aims to overcome many of the problems with sitting in conventional chairs. Human bodies were not designed to sit in chairs and chairs have been badly designed to fit our needs and comfort. Kneeling chairs represent a happy medium. Kneeling Chair HQ ( is an online resource center committed to helping people find the best kneeling chairs on the market. Their reviews have become so popular that they have now launched a Facebook page to help them promote their reviews socially.

A Place for Writing Different Content and Selling It

There are many passionate writers who require help in completing a work of art and selling it to people across the globe. It requires professionals to achieve the same. Be it coming up with an interesting plot, putting it on paper and publishing and selling it, there are different stages at which the website provides support. Apart from new writers, there are quite a few established ones who have considered the methods mentioned in their pages.

Surveys for Money 2015 Launches to Help People Make Money from Their Opinions Online

Earning money online is something almost everyone has heard about but relatively few people manage to achieve. Unfortunately for most, the kind of detailed specialism required in coding or design prevent people from exploiting this virtual goldmine. However, there is a third way. Surveys for Money 2015 are offering people the chance to earn money online just by filling out surveys. The site has just launched with all the information people could need to get started right away.

Mobile Magnet Announces the Launch of New SEO Service

The mobile magnet, one of the leading SEO experts in the Wodlands, Texas recently launched their latest Search Engine Optimisation service aptly named Project: Annihilation. According to the company website, the purpose of their newest service is to virtually eliminate their clients' competitions from the top page of Google's search results. The website further informed that Project: Annihilation is currently available only to the company's Platinum clients.

New Sports Blog Is Born

Santiago Colautti Sport is the new blog of Santiago Colautti, a simple sport passionate and journalism student who, like many others in the world, thinks sport is a way of living. They breathe sport every day, talk about sports and interested in everything related to sport.

New Website on Kate Middleton's Fashion

Jane Barr, author of the international Kate Middleton blog From Berkshire to Buckingham, has announced the launch of her new website, Kate's Clothes. Kate's Clothes is the online encyclopedia of HRH the Duchess of Cambridge's (the former Kate Middleton) wardrobe.

World Landforms, an Informative Portal, Provides Information of Various Continents

The formation of the various geographical features on planet earth has an extremely exciting history associated with it. Gradual changes in the environment and tectonic activity create landforms like lakes, mountains, rivers, reefs, coasts, deserts and continents, etc. World landforms, an informative online portal, provides information about the various continents. There are overall seven continents: Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, North America, South America and Europe. The two main characteristics of a continent are a) they are the largest land bodies and b) one of the seven. Though recognized as seven different continents, scientists believe that there are only six continents as Asia and Europe are connected, although separated by mountains.

Parents Can "Spring" Into Better Sleep This Season, Thanks to Big Discounts from the Baby Sleep Site

LogoSpring is the season for starting fresh - and that includes "starting fresh" with baby and toddler sleep schedules! Parents everywhere struggle with challenging sleep issues that result in chronic exhaustion, health problems, lagging work and school performance, and more. Fortunately, Nicole Johnson of The Baby Sleep Site® - the web's leading resource for exhausted parents of babies and toddlers - is helping parents worldwide conquer their sleep challenges once and for all with her Spring Sleep Sale. Tired families can enjoy up to 20% off all sleep products and services (including e-books, site memberships, and their incredibly popular personalized consulting packages), for a limited time.

'Mind the Gap' Global Online Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Payments Seminar Launches April 10

Experienced cryptocurrency consultancy agency Coinstructors is organising a global virtual seminar 'Mind The Gap' for like-minded professionals on the 10th of April 2015. The virtual event is offering a full schedule of speakers including lawyer Adam Vaziri the founder of Coinstructors and author and financial markets commentator Brian Kelly among others. is the very first virtual event to be dedicated to the real world of finance professionals to be able to obtain direct updates to new projects over the blockchain. Along side this event Diacle the sister company to Coinstructors are organising Hackcoin events in London, Hong Kong and Mumbai (Crypto Hackathons).

Cryptocurrency Platform Nxt Moving Forward in 2015 with Nxt Foundation, Conference Sponsorships and Technical Development

Nxt is pleased to announce the recent incorporation of the non-profit Nxt Foundation in the Netherlands, and sponsorship of upcoming high profile payments conferences PayExpo 2015 and Mind the Gap Expo. A number of tech start-ups harnessing the unprecedented features of Nxt are also emerging; as Nxt's new multisig technologies - Voting System and Phased Transactions – are also due to be demonstrated soon. For well over a year, Nxt's broad and active community of developers and builders have been working to perfect the system. The Nxt platform offers simple yet powerful features, bringing a wide range of solutions to enable businesses to harness the benefits of blockchain technology.

Easybook Launches Jengka Liner Bus Tickets

Easybook, an established travel site is launching Jengka Liner bus tickets service to all its customers in Malaysia. The bus services are available for traveling from Shah Alam to JB Larkin, Pasir Gudang, Singapore, Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal and many more places at reasonable prices.

KPB Express Bus Routes March Promotions at, a well known company is now offering KBP Express bus tickets to all its regular customers at a promotional price. It provides exclusive services and well trained work staff to give a comfortable journey.

Easybook Launches Syarikat Maju Bus Tickets, a well known company announced the launch of Syarikat Maju bus tickets service to all its customers in a small press meet here today. The website is the largest ticketing online portal of Malaysia. Launches Economy Express Bus Tickets, a well known company is launching Economy Express bus ticketing service to all its regular customers. The travelers willing to travel by this express bus company can book the tickets through

Singapore Bus ORG Offering Information on Buses and Coaches in Singapore

Singaporebus ORG emerged as a preferred name when it comes to providing updated and latest travel related information to localities and tourists. It is a one stop solution when it comes to traveling in Singapore to Malaysia or Thailand using a bus or coach. The website gives clear and precise information about the place and the bus allowing travelers to plan well in advance and opt for the best service and route in accordance to their needs, preferences and budget.

Bitcoin Alternative Jetcoin Disrupts Sports Industry, Athlete and Fan Relationships – Launching Cryptocurrency Presale

Bringing Wall Street and blockchain technology to the world of sports and entertainment, Jetcoin Institute is pleased to announce the Jetcoin presale. Jetcoin is backed by gold bullion allowing anyone to own IP rights of promising athletes and talents.

Review Site Launch for Press Release Services (TBC) reviews and ranks companies across several industries using weighted criteria. Coming May 1st will be the launch of the press release review site.This will not only give expert reviews on press release services but also allow consumers to leave their personal experiences behind as well.

Overcome Your Shyness Brings Social Anxiety Fix

Social Anxiety Fix, an exciting new product has been launched by Overcome Your Shyness and it can give a helping hand to those who struggle because they feel anxious in social situations.

Erica Homes LLC: Full Service Real Estate Company in Charlotte with a Reputation for Excellence

Erica Homes LLC is a full-service real estate firm that specializes in residential real estate selling, purchasing, consulting, leasing and relocation. The company has 4 key facets of business, namely Short Sales, Foreclosure, Buyers and Regular Retail. It has a team of professional real estate brokers and agents who are adept at making the whole buying or selling procedure an enjoyable experience in the Charlotte area. As a company, it strives to streamline the entire process in order to quality of service in all transactions. Launches New Satellite Internet Vertical decided to open up a new vertical on their website offering expert and user reviews to help those interested in satellite internet to make the best choice possible. Publishes List of Nigerian Internet Data Bundle Plans & Subscription Codes, an online resource for the latest technological news and articles, recently updated its content with information about internet data bundle plans provided by Nigerian internet service providers. The guide covers four of the major network providers in Nigeria namely MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo. According to sources, this informational guide has been well received and praised by people and has proven to be very handy especially for those who are unsure about which network to choose from and which internet plan to activate for their devices.

eBook Kits Available to Help with Self Improvement

One key to self-improvement involves listening and talking to someone an individual can trust. The individual must feel comfortable when it comes to opening up to the individual, even in the gentlest matters. Today, with many individuals wanting to learn self-improvement techniques, there are many products available to help. Every week, a new book from a "success" expert pops up. Of course, not all of these products on the market deliver everything that promise. One of the sites that stands out from the crowd is

Binary Options Gold Launches New Website

Binary Options Gold has unveiled its new website that offers all the information users can need to ensure that they trade their binary options wisely and make their decisions count.

Evolve IT Solutions Is a Different Kind of Tech Service

Brandon Skinner has worked in the information technology industry for years so he knows about all the issues end-users face, as well as their frustrations.

Watan Network Helping Thousands in Content Management

LogoWatanNetwork is assisting content creators and organizations in successful content management. The company offers global YouTube solution for content owners in television, movies, entertainment and sports. Watan Network provides complete protection, monetization and control on YouTube.