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Updated 7:06 AM CDT, Mon, June 12,2017

With a successful 18-year track record at the top of the market in trading bitcoin FX, the Biteller Corporation announces the launch of Created to help customers who want to invest small amounts in bitcoin, the platform ups the ante and takes “minimal” investments to a new high yield level.

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2017 -- With a promise to help increase the bitcoin assets of every small amount investor, a newly-launched site called adds fuel to the fire. As of May of this year, bitcoin saw its way to the top of the commodities/currency heap registering at roughly twice as valuable as an ounce of gold. Catering to investors all to ready to profit on the cryptocurrency surge, Bit-Monster immediately creates an impressive niche. In a crowded marketplace poised to make bitcoin king, the newbie site provides a way for anyone, at any level, to invest.

So why the cryptocurrency boom? Speculators say the surge comes as bitcoin gains legitimacy in countries like Japan. It appears Chinese regulators are growing more tolerant just in time for investors to regard it as a good place to store funds in times of geopolitical uncertainty. Getting in on the market rise over the last three months, gives its clients bitcoin arbitrage via deep learning artificial intelligence. Think, AI trading conducted at synthesis rates by using bitcoin as an anchor currency. Now think, easy online account setup, the deposit of bitcoin into one's own account, and the windfall of "cashing in" on interest the next day.

Already trading FX successfully for the past 18-years, Eric Harman, CEO of the Biteller Corporation Ltd., the parent company of the new bitcoin investment platform, said of the launch, "The expansion we've had since last year is impressive. We've already garnered impressive performance just by adding BTC to our FX platform. The secret's out. With the fusion of information communication technology equipped with artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, it won't be long until we have a full-scale cashless society. It's incredibly exciting. And now small amount investors can get in on it."

Impressive indeed, over the last year, the Biteller Corporation has seen an average of 48% profit each month. The company is adept in predicting market fluctuations of various currencies that include the US dollar, the euro, the yen and other cryptographic currencies with precision. To that end, they weigh market forecasts to evaluate reliability and optimize their clients' portfolios.

Harman adds, "We've set a high standard in our field that will be the benchmark of the future. We're confident of that. Our track record proves that we can help increase bitcoin assets. Now, new clients can use this simplified platform to try their hand with a small investment and enjoy quick rewards. It's an increasingly emerging trend that's been on the move since 2009. It's time for small amount investors to join the blockchain and move with it."

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Founded in 2000, Biteller Corporation Ltd. is a foreign exchange dealer based in London, UK. The company uses artificial intelligence-equipped information and communication technology to connect developed countries and developing countries equally via the trading of cryptocurrency.

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