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Denver Website Design Specialists Encourage Adoption of Mobile Friendly Websites

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Updated 11:18 AM CDT, Fri, June 02,2017

Mobile friendly websites are critical in today's marketplace

Littleton, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2017 -- With increasing numbers of searches being done on mobile devices, it has never been more important to upgrade to a template which can be seen and navigated from a small screen. When a website is not responsive and does not adapt to the device it is being viewed on, it takes a lot of patience to click around, resize and try to find the information being requested. More often than not, the frustration results in a quick click back to the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and a new click to a competitor's site. Some industries and markets were quick to adopt a new responsive design, whilst others have been able to carry on without. If a local marketplace really only needs to display its address and opening hours then the information may still be clear enough. When more complex information is being presented to showcase services or products, accessing the data from a mobile device can be a fruitless challenge, leading to higher bounce rates where potential customers are interested enough to click into the website, but then leave without exploring further. There are no scientific rules for determining if a site needs responsive design, the easiest ways are often the best. If in doubt, simply access the site from a variety of devices (phone, tablet) and try navigating the pages.

It may be that a new 'from scratch' website design is not needed in terms of aesthetics, time expenditure or budget. If a site ticks every other box apart from being responsive, then a website design agency can adapt the current 'look and feel' and fit it into a new template. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to consider switching to a mobile friendly website is that the trend in searching from handheld devices shows no sign of slowing down - quite the opposite. From this perspective, no matter how much potential business is being lost now, that number is likely to increase over time.

Website design is integral to the online storefront for any business. For a new design or a transfer onto a responsive site, each client is unique so a tailored approach is best.

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