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Empowr Introduces 'Transporter', Announces Other Major Changes to Its Platform

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Updated 11:07 AM CST, Wed, November 08,2017

White Plains, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2017 -- In line with its vision to make Everything Fast and Free, Empowr has introduced a new earning level known as "ETL" which stands for "Empowr Transport Layer". This new earning role will be commonly called the "Transporter" and its aim is to help Empowr community sellers or sharers get their products to the desired destination very fast. Empowr transporters will play a crucial role in the "Everything, Fast & Free" vision and it is believed that Transporters will be among the largest earners of AMCO cash outs.

"Imagine if at the very moment you sell (or share) something, by simply pressing a "Transport" button, an Empowr transporter will be on the way. Imagine that the transporter shows up really fast – in just minutes, so you don't even need to think about or deal with scheduling, or making sure you're home at some exact future moment. Just press the "Transport" button wherever you are, and the transporter will quickly show up, take the item from you, and deliver it." says an Empowr spokesperson.

Empowr transporters will earn bonuses when they do their work fast and will get even more transport opportunities when they are super-fast. Transporters that are rated the best by their customers and can get items from Point A to Point B most quickly will get even more rewards. Therefore, satisfying the Fast part of the "Everything, Fast & Free" vision.

Empowr intends to make other changes to their platform. Some of which include:

A. Removing bidding from Daily Goals
Many community members have reported that it's hard to hit their Daily Goals because of the amount of bids required. As a result, Empowr will be removing bidding from the Daily Goals requirements.

B. Cash outs (AMCOs) for Service providers
Empowr community members are now going to earn AMCO cash outs from the services they provide. An Empowr delegate said, "Think about it. If I offer to wash your car, I will need to first transport my body and washing tools to where your car is and then, of course, my product is, basically, your clean car. So, it's time for Service providers to also earn AMCO cash outs".

C. Sharing, Transporting and Servicing should all count towards listing goal
Currently, each time someone successfully sells a product, it counts towards the listing portion of their Daily Goal. With the new changes, each time a community member successfully transports something or provides a service or just shares something with another member. The "event" will count as a Listing towards their Daily Goals making it much easier to hit the listing goal.

D. Change "List" in the Daily Goals area to "Provide"
To hit the Daily Goal, members now only need to share, post and provide. There is no more bidding required. Members only now need to search for a product or service they would like to offer, click the new 'List it' button – to instantly – magically - list the same product or service into the marketplace.

E. Success Coaching is now as Valuable as Selling, Sharing, Providing a Service or Transportation
Successful success coaches measured by whether they are hitting all of their Quality, Speed, Success and Happiness goals will earn free transport credits. Their work deserves to be viewed as an "economy builder" activity – the same as sellers, sharers, service providers and transporters.

F. Hundreds of new and different earning opportunities
As part of the new "Everything, Fast & Free" vision, there will be hundreds or even thousands of new ways for everyone to earn. The word "Everything" would also apply to the number of different ways to earn on Empowr. Empowr will also support its members that come up with new earning roles with $1M in AID.

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