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First Public Listed Company to Run an ICO

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Updated 2:36 PM CDT, Thu, October 12,2017

Stockholm, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2017 -- What does it take for digital currencies like Bitcoin to be used in every day businesses? Well for starters it needs to be a lot more stable in value compared to the massive price fluctuations we see for Bitcoin and secondly the transaction speeds need to be improved. Bitcoin transactions take several minutes or even up to an hour, which together with the completely unrealiable price, makes it impossible for businesses to use it for selling their products and services. So basically most of the Bitcoin payment services in the market will probably never be the right answer for merchants.

But what are the alternatives?

Well luckily there are several other cryptocurrencies in the market and companies and services relying on more stable solutions than Bitcoin. One of these companies, and probably the most promising, is Wyrify.

Wyrify has revolutionized the capacity of Blockchain transactions by optimizing the core of cryptocurrency enabling transaction speeds never seen before. Wyrify removed mining and implemented non-diluting transaction protocols which together with their own unique proprietary code enables transaction speeds matching VISA and Mastercard. This together with the use of a fully asset backed stable currency built into Apps, backend, software and hardware makes Wyrify one of the most promising payment solutions right now. With contracts already signed this could become the first blockchain company to really disrupt the payments industry and get proper traction in the real world.

Wyrify, under name change from Stockholm IT Ventures AB, is a fully compliant company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and probably the first public listed company to run an ICO. This gives investors safety and trust by having a legal compliant entity behind and not just a couple of techies with a good idea and a whitepaper. Wyrify has a strong team of crypto-, security-, business- and banking experts who knows how to turn technology into real business.

When investing in the Wyrify ICO participants get 30% of the company's net profits for the next 5 years. But that is not all. The Token will also be listed on various coin exchanges after the ICO thereby enabling all investors of making profits on the expected price increases of the Tokens. Prices could of course also fall, as they are based on Bid and Demand, but ICO's have been extremely popular the past year with Token investors seeing Returns on Investments up to several thousand percent! It almost sounds too good to be true, but those are pure facts and have made many people millionaires in no time.

The Wyrify ICO is running from 14th October 2017 until 28th October 2017 with only 200,000,000 WYR (ERC-20) Tokens available, so make sure to reserve your Tokens if you want to join this opportunity:

You can read much more about Wyrify on the website This could become the next big thing.

About Wyrify
Wyrify is blockchain based mobile payment services offered by public listed company Stockholm IT Ventures AB, Sweden, listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange main list.

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