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Updated 11:45 AM CDT, Thu, April 26,2018

Videos on different subjects are made available via the pay per view model

Winston Salem, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2018 -- Video producers who wish to make unique videos and music albums available for users from across the globe will soon be able to upload them to the aforementioned website, is a unique, advertising free platform that aims to encourage film makers to collaborate with each other online and ensure that quality videos are uploaded onto a popular website, the new site will let viewer's decide which films they want to watch and video producers will get paid, the site pays video producers based on the popularity of their uploads.

It is important for film producers to make people aware of their work so that they can gain fame and success. Though there are many such producers who have created high quality videos on subjects such as education, marketing, games, music, etc; these never get to be viewed. In an effort to help them has come up with a unique idea. say all such creators will be able to upload their videos on Depending on the popularity of the said videos and the quality, they are paid for their work.

The only thing that uploader's of content need to ensure is that the content on the website is unique, the new site will also provide facilities so that producers can showcase their video trailers across various social media platforms. Social sharing will create awareness amongst people regarding the work as viewers from across the globe can access the videos without any hassle. The site aims to be a genuine online platform that encourages real talent.

The websites creators say their aim is to make sure that there are no ads or other disturbances during the running of the actual videos. This makes it ideal for viewers to enjoy their favorite videos at any point in time. The number of people that are watching a particular video in any instant can be tracked on a real time basis. All users of the site will benefit, the viewers get quality content to view and enjoy while the producers are paid to produce popular work. A spokesperson for the site said, "This is a win-win situation for producers as they are paid each time their film is viewed and once their work becomes popular they will have a loyal following who would happily pay them to watch good quality videos.''

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The website owners say there will be no delays in the payment to producers, each time their film is watched they will immediately be paid via their PayPal account minus Flixchimps small commission. The nominal fee of £0.50p per upload or a subscription plan can be chosen by producers dependant on their choice and they are able to make money in a number of ways.

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