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Global Tour to Unleash Blockchain Led Paradigm Shift in Capital Markets

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 8:00 PM CDT, Wed, September 06,2017

Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2017 -- Arifa Khan, a former investment banker with Credit Suisse and UBS has embarked on her global DGCAMP tour to disrupt traditional Investment Banking industry with Blockchain and Smart Contract led Fintech Innovation.

Through the DGCAMP platform, she intends to bring transparency to the global capital market ecosystem which would empower both asset issuers and investors to discover and conduct transactions in a transparent manner. This would shake up the $60 trillion-dollar global securities market backed by cozy investment bankers.

The innovation would usher a beginning of a new era with no role for intermediaries. The platform would knit a core blockchain led infrastructure that would open immense possibilities - Digital IPO, Start-ups raising Venture and Private Equity capital, Corporate Bond Issuance, M&A's, Cross-Border Transactions, Governments issuing Treasuries and other infrastructure bonds – that too without paying a hefty fee to Investment Banks!

The entire securities industry, of which exchanges are just one spoke in the wheel, is ridden with opacity, large duplication of intermediaries, and unnecessary complexity which has no place in today's technological stack.

The technology driven platform would open a channel for the best minds in Asset Management and Investment Banking industry to design innovative applications adding value to both investors and capital seekers. This would be a Google, Apple moment for the Financial Services Industry! And, an Uber moment for Investment Banking!

Arifa would kick start her tour with Dubai on 5th Sept followed by Singapore - 7th Sept, Hong Kong - 8th Sept, Beijing - 10th Sept, Shanghai - 18th Sept, Kiev - 22nd Sept, Brussels - 27th Sept and Paris - 28th Sept. She would meet Bitcoin and Blockchain community, potential investors, and market participants.

Investment Banks and Trading Exchanges across the world are adopting Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies with a superficial interest. The fear of cannibalization would never allow them to deliver innovation in a true spirit to democratize access to capital. DGCAMP is fired to bring the true gift of Satoshi Nakamoto to the masses - the power of decentralisation directly in the hands of the people.

The DGCAMP meetups at global financial hubs of the world would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the paradigm shift coming to an age-old capital market ecosystem that thrived on opacity and unfair advantage of information asymmetry.


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