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Hubezoo Launches ICO for Quantum Technology

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Updated 3:00 AM CDT, Mon, May 21,2018

Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2018 -- Hubezoo has launched their ICO on May 15th, offering Unagold tokens at a 35% discount. The ICO launch is expected to be one of the largest of 2018.

Hubezoo is introducing a quantum blockchain protocol and internetwork platform. Hubezoo's multi – platform structure introduces an all – inclusive internetwork for social media, information and e-commerce.

The structure combines a quantum blockchain with AI, building an innovative infrastructure for the next technology.

With the organizational framework, Hubezoo hyperspeeds searches and assists with secure and faster transactions. The platform is also designed to create more interactivity with social media. By organizing information and providing a navigation platform, it offers a transparent and fluid formula for online interactivity.

Hubezoo is guided by AI – IA. This is an interactive analytics formula which disseminates information. With the use of AI, it guides users to solutions quickly and easily. With AI – IA and a quantum algorithm, trust and transparency are at the forefront of the application.

The platform is expected to provide faster and fluid transactions with big data organization, monetary systems and with socio – cultural dynamics which are online. Unlike today's platforms, it challenges technology to a new level of functionality to build trust, transparency and prosperity.

The Hubezoo Token: Unagold

The protocol is backed by the Hubezoo's official token, Unagold. There are currently 200 million tokens available at $1.50, or .0026 ETH. To start their ICO, Hubezoo is offering all tokens at a 35% discount.

The token acts as an open, revolving door. It interchanges with traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, big data and smart contracts.

Unagold works as its own currency while opening fluid transactions with other blockchains and centralized networks, creating an equilibrium between all institutions and technologies, such as blockchain and traditional banking system.

Unagold is designed to create a centralized – decentralized approach. The quantum applications create a stronger interface which balances between traditional and innovative techniques for currencies.

The approach of Unagold token is designed to create sustainability and prosperity. By increasing the fluidity of transactions, there are new opportunities for those using the token.

The transfer of the token not only impacts the transfers which are made within the monetary system. It also integrates job opportunities, offering sustainable prosperity with the interface between the Hubezoo protocol and the Unagold token.

The Innovative Protocol for Trust

Hubezoo offers a platform from a tech triad, specifically to offer trust to the global community. This is a combination of a bank, government and shopping hub. The tech triad is designed to offer security, privacy and a transparent network.

At an early stage, this platform is being compared to the Tech Titans because it has similar revenue potential and continuous expansion.

ICO Launch and Details

With the recent launch of the Hubezoo, investors can get involved with the first phase of the token available through an ERC-20 Ethereum contract.

The phase 1 launch is offering 200,000,000 Unagold tokens. With the launch, a 35% discount is offered from the .0026 ETH per token, available through the end of June.

The allocation of funds are designated for the development of the Hubezoo protocol, which will be launched in August of 2018. The first phase of the protocol is Bankezoo, designed as the core of the platform for transactions while 60% of the funds will be allocated for the public.

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