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New Social Media Platform Ups the Ante on the Giving Economy

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Wed, January 24,2018

San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2018 -- It really is very simple. Make a wish and post it. Grant a wish and make someone happy. Sounds like streamlined kindness, right?

That's the vision of a new altruistic website called Launched to help make people's dreams a reality in December of 2018, the new social media app has picked up steam. With a philosophy that there's no dream too big or too small to share, wishes can be fulfilled through direct gift-giving, trading, or funding on the site. Offering to make one wonder why supporting each other has gotten lost in the mix, the site could be considered the new digital touchstone of neighborliness. Even when the "neighbors" have never met and are separated by any number of miles.

So how does it work? Quite simply put, the service is for people who believe in the art of giving. To do that with practicality, people can literally make a wish and post it on the site. Then someone with the where-with-all can grant that wish. Or, at the very least, they can encourage the wisher and share stories that offer an upbeat approach to the need. Adding to the wholeheartedness, great news can be shared on the platform's forum as well.

But, the goodwill doesn't stop there. Once a wish is posted on, there's a platform feature that allows the users to share the post on other social media platforms. Think of it as a wish rocketing around the world thanks to the power of the digital age.

Iris Bloomer, Executive Vice President of said, "The SimplyWishes app offers ways for users to interact through direct messaging, following each other, leaving 'loves' and comments, and posting on the Forum and Happy Stories pages. It's a direct way to utilize an opportunity to show people you care. At the same time, it provides a certain amount of privacy so everyone can feel safe and engaged."

For more information visit To download the app visit Google Play or the App Store.

The creators of SimplyWishes come from diverse backgrounds in the worlds of high-tech, business, activism, and academia. They have described themselves as entrepreneurs, inventors, physicists, engineers, software gurus, environmentalists, journalists, soccer-players, roller derby dolls, cat lovers, dog admirers, beekeepers, natives, immigrants, travelers, homesteaders, villagers, urbanites, do-gooders, and well-wishers.

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