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New Website WritScrib Will Help Artists Earn a Living from Their Work

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Updated 7:24 AM CDT, Fri, June 02,2017

Brandon, VT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2017 -- A new website is planned that aims to help creators make money from their work. WritScrib works a bit like busking; fans who like an creator's work can choose to make a small donation to that creator. With WritScrib, the classic art of busking is combined with the online gaming concept of microtransactions, which are small financial transactions which are conducted online. Creators can accumulate these micropayments and exchange them for real cash.

When posting their work online, creators often struggle to make a living from ad revenue, and their work can be undervalued, easily duplicated, or reposted with no credit being given to the originator. WritScrib offers a way to address the problem by allowing creators to post content on their site and collect micropayments from people that appreciate it.

To use WritScrib, subscribers buy Chips which cost as low as $1.10 for 10. Creators create a WritScrib account and get to work creating posts. A post can be an update on work in progress, a blog, a joke, an insightful comment, an old drawing, or any other creative content. If a user likes the post, they 'Chip-in' by donating Chips to the creator. A post can keep on earning Chips until the creator disables or deletes it. When they have accumulated enough Chips (50 Chips), they can sell them back to the site for profit. A strong media presence will increase the likelihood of earning more Chips.

As an added incentive, users can unlock a new badge for every 5,000 Chips they earn or purchase, and receive 10 more emoticons to use for every 10,000 Chips.

WritScrib is a social network and users have a main feed which shows the posts of the artists and creators they follow. Users can create group or invite-only group chats and are able to keep as many tabs open as they like for private messages, tags, and groups.

The site's creator, Matthew Smela, has finalized WritScrib's basic design and is raising funds on Indiegogo to cover site development, development of a widget, and start-up hosting costs. For $20, donors will receive early access to the site through a closed beta and there's a limited amount of $10 early access as well. Higher reward tiers are available with different rewards, such as providing donors with an opportunity to talk to a team member about their own suggestions for the site's features.

More information and details of how to make a donation is available on the Indiegogo page:

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