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Particl Plans on Introducing a Crypto Currency and Marketplace Built on the Basis of Security and Anonymity

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Updated 1:10 PM CDT, Fri, September 08,2017

Orcutt, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2017 -- Investing in crypto currencies can be a very complex ordeal. While the past definitely shows that investing in certain currencies has proven to be quite beneficial for multiple people – it is vital to understand that the time to do so has past.

This is not to say that investing in crypto currencies is no longer a viable option – but rather, that the market is no longer saturated with just Bitcoin, and that we should now look towards other options that can potentially give us more benefits as opposed to simply following the general crowd.

Investing requires knowledge of the market and understanding of the trends that are to come and go in the economy. It's a task that requires finesse and thus, simply following what the majority is doing can sometimes be a hazardous and troublesome act.

That said there is a new form of cypto currency that is steadily rising over the horizon: Particl Ticker on Bittrex. Essentially, it is an alternative to Bitcoin that is striving to rise and get everything right from the get-go, avoiding many of the pitfalls that may have been made by its competitors.

Allowing you to make safe and secure transactions with the utmost privacy, Particl provides to a protected marketplace. With the ability to partake in confidential transactions, you are able to remain in secrecy, hiding the different amounts transferred which would be known only to the parties that are exchanging them, and the people they personally give the ability to view them.

Communications between the exchanging parties are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they will be stored within the DSN. Particl also has a market that allows you to buy and sell items, much like many other websites on the internet. The major difference being the way the communications and transactions are handled. You receive the utmost anonymity when making any transaction on the Particl Market.

Along with their own built-in tokens, they provide the accessibility to use many other crypto currencies as well, the end goal being a more streamlined and accessible market that upholds the security and privacy of the involved parties.

About Particl
Particl is an up-and-coming privacy platform that plans on launching a person-to-person and business-to-person ecommerce. They plan on using their decentralized platform to create a marketplace that not only provides anonymity to the users and their transactions, with the ability to use various crypto currencies, creating a more fluid and streamlined ecommerce experience.

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