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Search Marketing Resource LLC Presents the 7 Elements of an Effective SEO Program Tip Sheet

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Updated 12:52 PM CDT, Fri, May 11,2018

Search Marketing Resource LLC, a top search marketing company, presents the seven elements of an effective SEO program Tip Sheet

Statesboro, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2018 -- Creating an effective SEO program is a challenge, especially in a world where the rules and standards established by Google shift and change all of the time. There are several tried and true elements of an excellent SEO marketing program.

Provide a Free Website Analysis Report

The first action that an effective SEO program should take is to assess a client's website to determine if an SEO marketing program would be beneficial. A no obligation, free website analysis report is a fantastic way to get an idea of how the site is performing so far and how it can be improved.

Long Tail Keyword Phrase Research

One of the biggest problems with online marketing is finding ways to reach the first page of Google results and drive interested customers to the website. Simple two-word keyword phrases have too much competition for the average business to have a chance to appear on the first page of Google results. The solution: Long tail keyword phrases. These are carefully researched three-to-five-word phrases specifically designed to bring the client's target audience to the website. (For more details about this check out this blog post: What is a "Long Tail" Keyword and Why is it Important for SEO?)

SEO Page Attributes Review

SEO page attributes are elements embedded within the HTML code on the site. Once the long tail keyword phrases in place, begin integrating them into this "behind the scenes" code. Using these phrases in the attributes such as Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, ALT tag descriptions–as well as renaming the graphic files used on the pages with these keyword phrases will boost the site rankings for those phrases.

Forward Facing Copy Edits

The forward-facing copy is the words that appear to the customer on the web page. Including the selected long tail keyword phrases within the web copy on the page itself is another important way to increase search engine traffic for the client's site. Using these phrases, especially in the headings of the forward-facing copy, will improve the rankings for the selected keyword phrases used within them.

Website Content Writing – Blog

On the internet "content is king" and Google pays attention to active, "noisy" sites that provide a steady stream of new pages, articles and news. One of the best ways to improve your online presence is to create a blog page and write content for it that specifically targets the selected long-tail keyword phrases. Google rewards good content by increasing rankings for the keyword phrases used within these articles.

Creating Social Media Content

Using social media to promote business is a key strategy to an effective SEO program. Using the website content writing produced by the blog posts as a resource for the client's social media accounts, creates solid backlinks which direct the social media users back to the website. Google loves sites with backlinks because it provides "social proof" that the site is active and useful to its users.

Optimized Press Releases

An optimized press release increases the visibility of the selected long-tail keyword phrases with Google and the other search engines by creating backlinks when it is submitted to online publications, news sites, forums and more. This is an excellent way to get the site noticed by a lot of people in little time.

These are just a few of the steps to creating an effective SEO program. For more tips about effective SEO marketing programs, check out our website at

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