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Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2018 -- finds that the most difficult thing about being in their business, is getting customers to understand that beating a speeding ticket is possible, and that a company that claims to be able to do such a thing, is not automatically a scam. has been online beating speeding tickets in the USA, since about 2003. From the start, their website has consistently been on page 1 of all the major search engines. They have thousands of rave reviews. The reviews even include ones from judges, and police officers, who were either beaten in court by Speedticketbeaters, or used the service themselves to beat their own ticket. The company's stature (and earnings), have grown every year, since their inception. Yet they are still plagued by constant questions from perspective customers, who can't quite believe they are for real.

The spokesman told us: "People need to believe their eyes. The search engines wouldn't have kept us on page 1. The credit card companies and Paypal wouldn't have continued to do business with us (for all of these years), if we were scamming people!" He went on to say: "If a company is scamming customers, the party ends fast. The banks, and search engines put the company out of business. They don't keep doing business with a company that is scamming customers." has suffered a good amount of malicious interference with their business. There have been widespread news reports over the years of county officials posting fake and defamatory reviews of Speedticketbeaters, to try to harm their business. Their spokesperson continued: "The cops, prosecutors, and judges around the country do not like us. We beat them in court every day. We stop the actual scam (of them stealing people's money), from being as successful as it was before we came along. We've had a good amount of malicious and fake negative reviews posted about us, by people at the county level, who would like us to go away. " says there is no magic in what they do. They say it's a simple matter of knowing law, in all 50 states, and making sure the customer goes into court with the correct argument and paperwork to defeat their particular ticket.

About has been beating speeding tickets in the USA since 2003. They do a free consultation about any speeding ticket in the U.S. They can be reached on their website.

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