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Spokk: An Ultimate & Free Social Platform for Sharing Ideas, Validation & Market Research

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Updated 9:41 AM CST, Fri, February 22,2019

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2019 -- At Spokk, a social platform, one ishelpedin distributing, creating, comparing and understanding ideas, concepts,and creations. It is a free platform where one can conduct mass market research of their creations, share ideas and concepts and even ask questions related to them. One can also choose a group of people with whom they want to share ideas. It is better than discussing aboutthe market from friends and relatives who might not be able to provide with a better picture from the user end.

How can a user connect with Spokk?

Once an individual sign in with Google or Facebook account, the account gets created with Spokk. Then a user can askthe question, discuss ideas regarding their creation. People like- bloggers, musicians, designers, inventors, authors, etc. benefit out of this.

If a user is asking questions, their name is displayed, and the one who is answering the questions can choose to be anonymous.A user can even choose which group of people or a certain individual can answer the questions or see ideas, by sharing the link only to those people.One can give and take personality ratings and answer questions of different people anonymously in types of image poll, text poll or star rating. A user can even filter the comments as per their choice.

This social media platform is developed so that the people can question and get an answer to questions that are in respect to their creations. This direct contact with the creator and consumer provides a clear image of how the market will react to the creations and what are the improvements that can be made in its regards. It also helps to understand the true point of view of consumers that allows one to make better decisions at the start, rather than learning after experiencing failures.

About Spokk
Spokk is a social platform that enables a user to understand their creations market through customer reviews and opinions. With Spokk, market research is totally different.At our platform, people understand and answers the questions directly.Once an account is created, the user has a personality trait created, which facilitates the user to get an overview of their creations and answers to the questions. They arealso free to pose questions with their real name, while at the same time, they can receive opinions anonymously.

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