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The Word Point Celebrates Its 7,000th Translation Project

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Updated 8:11 AM CDT, Wed, September 06,2017

International translation service, The Word Point, has celebrated the end of its first year with the completion of its 7,000th project. Such a feat is almost unheard of in this highly competitive industry.

Paphos, Cyprus -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2017 -- A Launch with Plenty of Pre-Planning

The island of Cyprus is a fascinating blend of old and new. From Byzantine churches and ancient port cities to thriving modern urban areas and membership in the EU, Cyprus is a study in contrasts. Here is where the owners of The Word Point decided to establish their international headquarters a few years ago and begin to accumulate a team of translators that, in their own words, would be second-to-none.

It took some time to find top-notch translators skilled in about 100 languages and with specialties in all types of personal, business, legal, technical, scientific, and e-commerce fields. Only then did they begin their worldwide marketing campaign and launch. The careful planning and hard work paid off.

Serving a Global Need

"The need for translation services continues to expand, and the demand for high quality is intense," said Margaret Reid, company's editor-in-chief and co-founder. "We knew we had to deliver that quality and guarantee speed when necessary. And we also knew that we had to offer comprehensive services, for any personal, business, legal, or scientific and technical need. It took a while to develop that kind of specialized team, but once we did, we knew we had a winning business model."

In fact, that business model includes matching a client need with a translator that has expertise in the source language but who is a native speaker of the target language, so that accuracy and cultural nuances are guaranteed. This is obviously a winning strategy, given the early success of The Word Point.

"We are open for business 24 hours a day," says Margaret. "And we certainly encourage anyone in need of any type of translation to get in touch with us. Just accessing our website at will give anyone all of the information they need and allow them to complete a request order right then and there."

Clearly, The Word Point has become a force in the translation industry. As it continues to expand its services and its reach, it seems that there is a rosy future for this company.

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