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TrueTube News Alternative to GoogleAdSense & YouTube's Orwellian "Dual-Reality" Censorship Now Accessible on

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Updated 10:11 AM CDT, Fri, June 15,2018 has partnered with JetPack to produce TrueTube in their latest response to Google YouTube’s AdSense content censorplex.

Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2018 -- TrueTube, a public news alternative to GoogleAdSense & YouTube's Orwellian contractual censorship of dual-reality reporting, is now accessible at has partnered with JetPack to produce TrueTube in their latest response to Google YouTube's AdSense content censorplex.

On June 13, 2018, TrueTube by debuted its 2-Part series with Swedish award-winning investigator & author Ole Dammegard, exposing the lucrative Commercial false flag operation industry.

If had continued under a legacy contract with GoogleAdsense/You Tube around June 1, 2018, just two weeks earlier, they could not have brought you this important social news and update.

Why? Because news agencies who sign with GoogleAdsense/YouTube are now contractually forbidden from reporting what we call "dual-reality" news.

Here is what's Jon Kelly, reported on June 1, 2018:

"FORBIDDEN NEWS: Google AdSense TOS Now Prohibits "Content that suggests a tragic event did not happen, or that victims or their families are actors, or complicit in a cover-up of the event." Do you believe in editorial freedom?"

TrueTube by now exists to provide you and all readers uncensored access to important "dual-reality" news which Main Stream Media filters are excluding via contract or operating paradigm, including:

- False flag operations, like 9/11; Sandy Hook; 3/22/2017 Westminster UK Parliament false flag.

- Extraterrestrial UFO encounters and "adductions".

- Science-based communication with & verification of consciousness in the Afterlife and the human Soul.

Whatever your media status – Mainstream journalist, TV or other media industry reporter, investigator, researcher or Truther, please sign up now for free continuing access to TrueTube by's news updates at

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